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As the global economy evolves, environmental problems are quickly becoming business problems. Stronger containment systems, more efficient leachate collection, smarter spill mitigation – why can’t these things benefits the planet and your bottom line? We believe in impacting business by making less of an impact on the environment.

Through our collaborative network of engineers, manufacturers and distributors, ESI offers the unique ability to provide customized containment systems for businesses the world over. We offer targeted solutions for clients in the petrochemical, mining, energy, agriculture and waste management industries.

Containment Systems Solutions

Since its inception, ESI has managed over 2,000 projects involving civil earthwork, supplying and installing numerous types of geosynthetic liners and HDPE pipe systems. We can also assist clients and engineers with design and constructability issues, offering innovative cost-saving applications and alternatives. Above all, we take pride in building lasting relationships with our customers through quality, reliability and professionalism.

ESI has the unique capability to staff your project with dedicated, knowledgeable crews that can design and install complete containment systems, including earthwork construction, geosynthetic installations and fully assembled, tested HDPE pipe systems. Innovative design, custom fabrication, turn-key solutions – that’s how we build on your confidence.

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We build confidence in our clients and our employees by performing more installations with fewer workplace incidents than anyone else in the nation. Learn what sets ESI apart.