ESI has one of the industry’s lowest incident rates yet performs more geosynthetic installations than anyone else in the industry.

It’s hard to build on the confidence of your clients without the confidence of your workers. ESI is dedicated to ensuring a safe work environment for each employee. We fundamentally believe the individual employee has the right to personal satisfaction within their job, and we make it our responsibility to prevent occupational injury or illness. This belief is at the core of everything we do.

ESI employees and management staff are fully committed to maintaining a safe workplace on each and every project. ESI’s Corporate Health and Safety Program addresses safety issues that pertain to the type of work we perform and the hazards associated with the work environment. Our Corporate Health and Safety Program includes:

  • Mandatory new hire orientation
  • A drug and alcohol abuse policy
  • A comprehensive safety plan
  • A HazCom plan

This program is designed to effectively utilize safety training skills such as jobsite audits, jobsite and equipment inspections, accident reporting, accident or incident investigation, drug testing and meticulous records of documentation. It also gives field and shop supervisors an effective tool with specific guidelines to ensure that our work is performed safely and in a secure environment. As a result, ESI boasts one of the industry’s lowest incident rates while performing more containment system and geosynthetics installations than anyone else in the country.

Our company’s safety guidelines have been successfully executed to protect the work environment of our employees, customers, vendors and all others associated with the company. We continue daily to strive for an accident-free workplace, never sacrificing safety under any circumstances.

Report a Safety Concern

ESI believes that every accident is preventable and is committed to operating with the highest standard of safety in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies.  

Please speak up if you believe that you have observed safety issues or feel you were asked to perform work in an unsafe environment. When you speak up, you provide the information necessary to investigate and remedy a potentially dangerous situation.

Through the online form below, ESI provides a confidential channel for employees to report possible safety issues.

This is completely anonymous – you do not have to tell us your name.

Please use the online form below to report your concern confidentiality.  NOTE: Though provided below, the email box is provided as an option.  It is not required to provide your email address.  Thank you for submitting your safety concern below.  

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