HDPE Pipe Systems Fusion & Installation

for LIQUID and GAS TRANSFER applications

ESI has extensive HDPE pipe expertise to provide turnkey systems for the distribution / transfer of liquids and gas. Leverage ESI’s technical expertise to provide a custom designs, fabrication and installation of complete systems.

ESI crews have installed millions of linear feet of HDPE pipe systems on thousands of projects around the world. ESI’s project managers have years of experience and industry-leading safety training, so you know the job will be done on budget and on time — the first time.

Examples of projects completed by ESI include:

  • Gas extraction systems for methane gas recovery systems in the municipal solid waste landfill sector.
  • Leachate distribution and recirculation systems in the solid waste and coal combustion residual (CCR) landfill sector.
  • Oil distribution lines for the petrochemical industry.