IFAI introduces member benefit program and Expo discount offer

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IFAI has announced a new benefit for IFAI members in the United States: the IFAI Health and Benefit Insurance program. In light of the announcement, IFAI is also offering members a 25% discount on any IFAI Expo registration type to attend the show and learn more about the new benefit. 

Use the code 21EXMD25 when registering for IFAI Expo 2021 to get 25% off! This offer will expire on Oct. 19.

IFAI Health and Benefit Insurance

The IFAI Health and Benefit Insurance program gives all IFAI members access to a dedicated team of experts who are ready to help find the best health and nonmedical benefit coverage to fit your business’s needs. IFAI Health and Benefit Insurance can offer programs (such as the following) to any group sizes of two or more employees:

Allstate Benefits Self-Funded Program:

  • Stop-loss insurance protects your business’s finances if claims are higher than expected.
  • Opportunity to receive money back in years when claims are lower than expected.
  • Customizable plan designs that make it easy for you to find the right fit for your group.
  • Vitality wellness—utilize a no cost, health assessment and reward package
  • Teledoc—24/7 access to U.S. board-certified doctors free to your employees.

MetLife Your Choice Program:

Guaranteed cost savings—groups that may already have benefits in place will take advantage of 5-10% lower costs.
Reduced participation requirements—ease of implementing benefits even if 100% employee paid.
Benefit administration tool—no cost and keeps implementation, enrollment, and ongoing administration simple.
Deliver more choices—gain access to benefits like Legal Services, Accident, and much more.
Inbound employee call center—professional benefit coaches, providing educational, needs-based enrollment assistance.

To take advantage of the IFAI Health and Benefit Insurance, contact:

Holly Bloom
Financial Representative | Principal
+1 651 287 5479 | Bloom.Holly@Principal.com